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New Year's Eve Tapas Party

Tapas will be available from 5:30pm - 10:00pm.

Speak to our friendly staff to book your ticket.


Tapas Menu

  • S&P calamari with Aioli

  • Vegetable money bags with dill mayonnaise [v]

  • Roasted pork belly bites with pineapple tomato chutney [gf]

  • Crispy spring rolls with sweet chilli [v]

  • Hummus w. Za’ata spiced flatbread [v]

  • Patatas Gravas - turmeric roasted potatoes w. Sugo sauce [v][gf]

  • Crumbed cauliflower with parmesan & paprika sauce [v]

  • Chicken & vegetable arancini balls with garlic aioli

  • Sous vide rare beef with garlic aioli 

  • Crispy fried prawn cones with dill mayonnaise

  • Buffalo hot wings with blue cheese sauce

All Tapas plates $10 each.

 One free plate included with your ticket purchase.

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